ALL IN: Private Mentoring with Jo Bendle

Do you ever feel like you want MORE?

More time
More money
More fun
More space
More financial freedom
More adventure
More impact in your business
More connection
More BEING the women you are deeply proud of

More time

More money

More fun

More space

More financial freedom

More adventure

More impact in your business

More connection

More BEING the women you are deeply proud of

What does “MORE” even look like for you?

For me, my more looks like:

Financial abundance 

…and never having to say “No” because I can’t afford something. 

Travel as and when I desire

…without having to watch the budget when I’m checking out gorgeous apartments on Airbnb.

It’s taking Friday’s off and having long lunch dates with the girls

…without having to check my phone for work related stuff.

More to me means not holding back and making my dreams and goals a priority

…I am not available for “settling”.

It means no regrets

…I point blank refuse to wake up anytime in the future and hear the words ‘I wish I had…”.

It’s about BEING the women I am proud of

….without limitations or “shoulds” or beating myself up for “not doing enough” (what even is enough??)

Meant for More is about living my life ALL IN

….without feeling guilty or worrying about what other people think

So, I ask you again.....

What does MORE mean to you?

Because this is your invitation to define it...and then achieve it.

It’s ok to have built a business and realise it’s no longer filling your cup

It’s ok if you can no longer ignore the feeling like something is missing, wobbly or not working as it used to.

It’s ok to update and upgrade in order to still love your business and continue on to the growth that means the MOST to you.

Let’s get to work on transforming YOU into the women who navigates this next phase of her unique transformation like a pro.

My clients come to know that our dreams and what we desire evolve and our businesses need to as well

And I want YOU to know:

Let’s talk - I’d love to support you 1:1

First rule of Meant for More: Be Honest, you want more

I’ve created a simple “future proof” system for leveling up now that will flex to help you AND your business thrive.

Let me share more about the experience I will deliver:

You and your business are unique and there is no secret formula, that’s why when we work together it’s personal.

My clients come to me to grow their businesses and they leave with better health, better relationships and next level confidence, because what we do impacts EVERYTHING.

It’s been said that how you do one thing is how you do everything and I love being ALL IN on claiming my more…..

….this means I am also ALL IN on supporting you to claim yours, because nothing makes me happier than when you voice message me on WhatsApp to tell me….


It might be a sold-out retreat, closing down an offering in your business to make space for an even more aligned one, publishing your first book, building a garden office, having your best financial quarter, or booking a 4 month round the world trip for you and your family (all things my clients have done this year - coming out of a two year pandemic!!).

Big or small - your dreams landed with you for a reason, so let’s go get ‘em.

I’d love to be in your corner - let’s set up a call for a no pressure discussion on working together

"The results I’ve had in my life from working with Jo have been so layered and incredible.

I thought I was going to get really productive and organised in my business but it’s ended up that we’ve worked on unlocking the stories I’ve had on repeat in so many ‘life’ aspects. I'd unconsciously been holding myself back by all these stories and it showed in my business. Jo has helped me see how connected it all is. My confidence in myself, my business and the value I offer has grown exponentially since working with Jo. Without her I would never have reached the level of actually believing my business and life dreams were possible.

The thing I love most is that Jo isn’t all about the 6-figures, she’s helped me build a life that’s so much deeper than a dollar amount ever conveys!"

- Rachelle Glendon, How to Live Slow

The work we do together, and the changes we make internally will set you up for every future transformation. (Because we both know there will be more up levels in your future).

The sooner we get you back to fired up, motivated and activated, the sooner you can enjoy being next level you.


Throughout this transformational container you’ll:

Claim your bigger dream, know your why and flip the switch into action-mode. All of this will change how you show up in your business and life.

Shine a light on the things you can’t see that are slowing you down

Experience a powerful “Identify Shift” that will see your next level self emerge, get ready, because she does things differently!

Stay grounded with practical productivity and planning tools for daily, weekly and monthly success. You’ll create your own unique system for planning and implementing so that you feel calm and in control as you move through this next uplevel, without burning out

Let go of perfectionism, trust yourself more and release mindset blocks that have kept you stuck. We’ll work on your mindset every single week with my top mindset strategies to ditch the doubts, remove visibility cringe and create next level confidence. Those old distractions and excuses won’t stand a chance!

We’ll even use EFT when it’s needed to blast through anything stubborn that's holding you back.

We’ll do a big audit of your business and work to turn it into exactly what fills your cup (and your wallet).

You’ll create your own repeatable “meant for more system” that you can use again and again when it’s time for your next level up.

And you better believe it will be fun - even growing pains become fun when you appreciate them for what they are - a stepping stone to where you’re heading next.

You are unique, your business is unique and how we work together will be no different.

The possibilities really are endless when you give yourself permission to claim more.

My super powers are both visionary and practical which means we won’t just be dreaming about amazing things, we will plan and execute in a way that feels good to you.

No one size fits all systems and processes here - I’ll share my strategies and toolkit and we will make it work for YOU.

1:1 private support is special - let’s talk about how I can play my part in you achieving MORE.

Not only will I help you get clarity, I’ll also be honest and impartial with you so you end our time together feeling more YOU then ever before.

This girl is on FIYAHHH will be your new mantra.

Let’s get back to living life like we mean it, shall we?

Because Playing Small is cancelled

I hold myself to high standards and consistently give my clients my best…

One of my superpowers is pulling big dreams out of people and then seeing the most efficient path to get them there.

Right now maybe the passion is missing and instead you’re just going through the day to day - but you know you can’t keep ignoring “that voice”.

You know there is more available for you, you can see it and feel it, yet you’re struggling to grasp it. Perhaps even a bit scared of trying.

There’s self doubt and frustration.

Perhaps you’re feeling out of alignment, not entirely in love with the way your current business is run.

You might be a bit addicted to “busy”, worried you will burn out and quite frankly it’s exhausting.

I get it. I have been there and got all the t-shirts!

The growing pains you’re currently experiencing are much easier to navigate with someone in your corner who truly gets what you’re going through.

I know my role with my clients and I take it very seriously.

After 10 years in business, I’ve tried all the business models.

I learned that investing in the right people, someone who will lovingly call you out on your playing small tendencies, is what really changed the game for me.

After delivering many group programs over the last 8+ years I learned that my clients get better results when I am right in it with them and that’s why my 1:1 programs consistently deliver BIG results, I am right there with YOU.

let’s talk about how I can help you achieve what’s most important to you and your business

If we haven't met, I’m Jo, your imperfect coach who walks her talk, works tirelessly on her mindset and knows what it’s like to get in her own way (and get out of it again!).


More income?
More impact?
More connection?
A more aligned business?

And way more YOU because it’s time to stop hiding, it’s time to
stop playing small, it’s time to claim your more.

Oh and sometimes, more means less!

If you’re ready to commit to creating your next level life and business,
then I would be honoured to travel this next leg of your journey with you.

You’ll have your own unique level up process that you can bring out every time you feel ready to ramp things up again. That’s exactly what I do when I start to feel a little too “comfortable”.

Because comfort zones are only comfortable for so long!

Your Future Self is literally buzzing at the thought of us doing this together.



My private coaching and mentoring experience is a 4 month commitment.

Here’s whats included:

🧡 4 Months of “ALL IN” Coaching and Mentoring

🧡 We’ll meet twice a month on Zoom for one hour (more if necessary)

🧡 Unlimited voice and text support (via Whatsapp or Voxer). Going after your dreams is confronting, thats why this offer has so much loving (and when necessary butt kicking) support included!

🧡 EFT scripts for when you need to blast through something stubborn thats getting in the way of you claiming more

🧡 Treats and surprises along the way

🧡 Advice and support on your next moves: You will have access to my 10 years experience as a business owner. Together we can brainstorm ideas for your business but also tackle any personal challenges that come up as you step into a bigger vision for your life.

🧡 PLUS: 4 months access to The Lab, my group container full of women supporting one another on their journey to claiming more (optional).

The Investment

This is a minimum 4 month container and the investment is currently £3,333 or £850 a month.  That's roughly USD $3,900 or $999 a month)

Payment Plans and Pay in Full Treats are available!

If you’re ready to work with a coach who believes in you (more than you do) and isn’t afraid to be raw, real and authentic, then you’re going to love this 4 month experience I’m about to take you on.


The next step is to complete this confidential form below so I can understand a bit more about you.

We will then meet on Zoom for an informal, no pressure chat to discuss your goals and dreams and if I think I can help you we will get started asap.

Complete the form below and let's make some magic happen between now and the end of the year.....

Have a question? It’s only me that reads these emails so ask me anything here: or on IG here.

The Vibe:
All In together. Supportive. Expansive. Transformational

The Vibe: All In together. Supportive. Expansive. Transformational

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